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Principles of Love, Harmony, and Beauty

1.   The Universe is a phenomenon of love, and its ripest fruit is the awakened heart.

2.   The heart awakens in the act of rising up toward, attaining, and ultimately rising beyond, the beauty it holds as its highest ideal.

3.   The pure essence of every world faith is an ennobling ideal. The sum of these ideals is the spiritual heritage of the contemporary human heart.

4.   The awakening heart experiences itself, and accordingly stimulates in others, love, harmony, and beauty.

5.   Love is the progressive experiential realization of the ontological unity underlying the multiplicity and diversity of manifestation.

6.   Harmony is the sympathetic resonance and fellowship that flows naturally from the realization of unity in multiplicity.

7.   Beauty is the elusive and evolving object of adoration and aspiration that guides hearts, individually and collectively, in their awakening: an endless pursuit.

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Updated 12/31/07