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C. Shaffia Laue, M.D.
Holistic Psychiatry

General Information Regarding The Holistic Psychiatric Practice
C. Shaffia Laue, M.D.

Every individual has a need for adequate information concerning the therapy they are about to enter and how it may affect their health. To let you know how I approach therapy, I have prepared the following statement and ask that you read it, and sign it indicating you have
read and understood the contents.

Patients understandably want to know their doctor's qualifications. I graduated from the Medical College of Virginia with a M.D. degree. I completed an internship and a residency in Psychiatry at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas. I also completed an additional Fellowship in Child Psychiatry at the Menninger Clinic. In 1984, I opened a practice in Child and Adult Psychiatry in Lawrence, KS. I have pursued intensive studies in the areas of environmental medicine, nutrition, biochemistry, auricular medicine, homeopathy, and various forms of bio-energy healing. My practice includes spiritual, energetic, and meditative therapies as well as traditional stress management, behavior modification, psychodynamic psychotherapy, dream work and imagery. In January of 2001, I became a Founding Diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine, passing the boards the first time they were offered. I have continued to educate myself through conferences, workshops, and seminars to expand my approach towards a holistic practice that assists in healing the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

People seek therapy for a variety of reasons oftentimes the reasons involve the desire to make personal change. In order to make such desires become reality, one may have to work at examining personal relationships. The conflicts and difficulties, which have propelled one into therapy, may be recent or of a long-standing nature; sometimes chronic physical illness forces one to reexamine issues. Psychotherapy operates through dialogue, which can focus on the positive strengths in one's life as well as the issues, which have become burdensome. The dialogue can involve current life experiences, events of the past, ongoing emotional reactions to the past, as well as, fantasies, dreams, life goals, patterns of interacting with others, patterns of caring for oneself and many personal considerations too numerous to mention. The recognition of various life experiences brings with it corresponding feelings, which then become available for further introspection. Teaching is provided to give you the necessary information regarding your options on a path to wellness rather than suppressing your symptoms with drugs. Therapy may include training in specific skills that promote mental, emotional, and physical health and allow you to develop life changes where you feel in control and positive about the changes you chose to make. The biochemistry of the body is a two way street. It can be changed by the emotions felt by an individual or it can drive the emotions. Therefore, psychotherapy works faster if you make life changes that effect your biochemical functioning in a healthy direction. I honor each individualÕs spiritual beliefs so that this can also be used to facilitate healing and wellness. I expect each person to be an active co-creator in orchestrating his or her own treatment plan and path to wellness.

Possible disadvantages of participating in psychotherapy are that areas of personal conflict and disharmony may intensify for a time. Negative feelings such as fear, anxiety, depression, or other emotional discomfort can be experienced; similar to the intense detoxification experienced in healing physical illness. However, for those willing to take these challenges, there are also significant advantages. Difficult situations can be resolved, emotional discomfort can be diminished, a greater degree of personal independence as well as more harmonious interactions with others can be experienced. Although I am well trained, have extensive practical experience and will do my utmost to help each one move in a healing direction, I cannot guarantee that treatment will automatically cause one to achieve personal goals.

Occasionally patients can benefit from the use of medications. If alternative methods for changing your internal biochemistry through relaxation, breathing, nutritional counseling, herbal or homeopathic remedies are not helping you sufficiently, we may consider prescription medications. However, in my practice I am usually able to help patients eliminate some or all of the medications previously prescribed by using a combination of psychotherapy and the above alternative methods.

Appointments are scheduled according to the needs of the individual and the desired treatment outcomes. The first session will be a 90-minute consultation for which there is a $345 charge. The longer session is necessary in order for a more complete medical and psychological history to be completed, as well as time for explaining how we might work together. It is important that a 4 page medical history (provided by the office) be filled out prior to the first appointment so that our time together can be used efficiently. Call 785.841.1243 during regular business hours to schedule an appointment. The fee for a forty-five minute therapy session is $152 - $230. When we are doing very intense work you may chose to schedule a sixty-minute session for $222 - $295). For non-emergency questions, you can reach me through the office during regular business hours. Phone conversations requiring more than 10 minutes will be billed at $20 per ten-minute segment. Payment will be due at your next session.

Payment is expected at the time of service and you will need to submit your own insurance. The exceptions to this are Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. The office, as required by law, will submit Medicare insurance claims. Payment for Medicare patients is still due at the time of service. BCBS patients will have their claims submitted by the office and their copay is expected at the time of service.

If you wish me to work together with other practitioners in order to facilitate and expedite your healing process, you must sign a release of information form allowing me to do so.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please ask them during your first session.

For a printable copy which you can sign prior to your first visit, please click here.


Updated 5/8/14